Online vs offline gambling, which is better?

The gambling nature with games like sports betting, bingo, lottery, and poker is deep-rooted in the UK, enjoying steady growth since the 20 century. It has realized robust growth in the last two decades with the rise of the internet era. Gamers have access to online casino games from several sites as internet gambling is growing at a skyrocketing speed.

Despite this magnificent growth, land-based casinos are far from being extinct. Statistics show that as of March 2016, there are more than 148 casinos in the UK, with over 30 being in London. The popularity of these Kingz Asia casinos is increased by individuals who are old school when it comes to gambling over staring at a computer screen and handling a device for hours. Gaming is still popular amongst friends who like to go out at night and see professional gamblers taking risks before their own eyes.

Benefits of online gambling

Besides being convenient, online gambling provides many benefits to its users, which have benefited them in their rising popularity. Some of the benefits include:

  • Game diversity

Contrary to land-based gambling, online gambling, like joint, provides various games to its users. These include poker, slots, table games, football studio and many others. This variety provides you with the freedom to choose as per your preference. Some online casinos come out with unique ideas based on traditional games, which can be fun to play.

  • Freedom to choose your pace

In the absence of a dealer pressuring you, you have the freedom to choose your playing pace. You can play at super speed or different tables, and the flexibility also helps you to play without worrying about backtalking or getting a snort in the face from other players.

  • Enjoy different games at once

Online casinos give you the freedom to play different games concurrently, besides the freedom to play at different tables. Imagine playing blackjack, poker, slots and roulette all at once. Isn’t it amazing? Playing online casinos also allows you to visit different casinos at once without even going out of the comfort of your home.

  • Enjoy jaw-dropping bonuses and promotions

Contrary to land-based casinos, which reward only their most loyal customers, online casinos equally reward veterans and rookies. These rewards come from deposit bonuses, cashback offers and trips available when you play on the internet. They also remain competitive by giving huge bonuses to their players, which is hard to find in their land-based counterparts.

Advantages of offline gambling

Despite having several downfalls, offline gambling has several advantages over online gambling. They are:

  • Getting real-time experience

Playing in a land-based casino allows you to meet people, roll the dice and hold the chips. This direct interaction gives you a better experience than that you would get on an online one.

  • Better odds

Contrary to online casinos that dial the payouts down to get a better share, land-based casinos provide better odds in almost all of their game. They do it to as to remain competitive.


  • On-time Payment

Contrary to online casinos that pay in a selected method, land-based casinos have a pool of funds to pay their customers as they are authentic establishments.

Choosing between online and offline casinos

You can see that both online casinos and land-based ones have their share of pros and cons, which you need to keep in mind when making your choice. The online casino is the best for you if you are looking for convenience and versatility.