The best online bookmaker for many players

In case you’re starting to bet online, you might be confused by various options and possibilities most online bookmakers provide. 

Almost 30 years ago, when it all started, it was easy to choose one designated destination to place an online wager. Players simply went to the sportsbook that offered the most. 

But, how to choose today, when all of the gambling sites offer similar bonuses, packages, and betting options? 

One thing is certain. For active players that don’t want to allocate their money on several different sites, we bring an honest review of Bet365, one of the most popular online bookmakers since the very beginning, and to this day. 

Also, in the following text, you can find out how to earn some extra cash, while enjoying your favorite pastime. 

The world’s favourite online sports betting company

This is what the advertisement for Bet365 says. Having more than 6 million active players kind of confirms it. 

But, this online bookmaker was different and more advanced than their competitors from the very start.

Back in 1999, when Bet365 first started experimenting with the possibilities Internet introduced, their co-founder, Denise Coates, had a very clear vision of the future. 

As opposed to other bookmakers, be it land-based casinos or online, Denise predicted that the world is about to become a very small place. 

She simply had an idea of a single place for players to put all their wagers. From the very start, she understood that the true fans of minor league soccer in the UK cannot be neglected. Denise also wanted to offer all their players various possibilities for betting on sports events on different continents and timezones. 

So, Bet365 was the first-ever online bookmaker to offer wagering in minor league European football and all sports events taking place in the world. 

Only 4 years after the initiation, Bet365 introduces 29 different currencies as a way of payment, and their website was translated to other languages. 

Way ahead from the competition

There are several valid reasons why Bet365 remains to be the go-to online bookmaker for most people. A person doesn’t really have to be into sports or understand them to place an online bet. 

Ever since online gambling became a way to earn extra cash on the side, and have adrenaline-based fun, many housewives have joined one of the largest groups of people in the world. 

Bet365 is the first online sportsbook that offered free bets. This type of promotion is available to all players, new and regular, even today. The free bet points are allocated randomly, so every time a player logs into the account can check all available promos and bonuses at that moment. 

The Bet Builder is a way for every player to customize their own set of predictions in a football game. This type o bonus is available on several other sites, but Bet365 is still in the lead because they offer more variations than any other site. 

A welcome bonus is something all bookmakers online offer to their new players. Bet365 awards newly registered players in free betting credits. There is one catch, though. Every single new player has to place a bet from those credits within the first 90 days. Otherwise, the amount and the possibility to place a bet could be banned. 

For all experienced players that thrive in guessing the first goalscorer in the game, Bet365 offers smaller winnings if the chosen player isn’t the first to score but scores in the game anyway. In this situation, a player can win one-third of the predicted outcome. 

Poker Bonus is something Bet365 stands out, and far out. Offering the largest selection of tournaments in Poker, available in many languages Bet365 room on iPoker is laced with attractive software that is intuitive and reliable. 

Adding a very user-friendly mobile application to the equation gives an opportunity to every player to enjoy playing Poker on the go. 

To check on all options regarding betting online, various markets available, new bonuses and promotions, and other tournaments simply visit this link.  

Largest selection of casino games

Every online bookmaker has a section for casino games and various slot machines. 

Bet365 is partnered with Microgaming and Playtech, which are known to be the two biggest software providers on the market. 

All casino games in the Bet365 offer are available as downloadable versions or can be played instantly. 

The games are loaded quickly and without significant delays due to the reliable software. Much like Poker, casino games are also available on the mobile app. 

Bet365 offers the biggest selection of casino games, online slots, Video Poker, Live Dealer Games, a vast selection of Table and Card games, and Arcade games. 

Regarding the table and card games, loyal players on Bet365 can join many different versions of Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat games. 

Mobile Application review

The app itself looks very modern and more similar to the original desktop site than any other bookmaker. 

There are certain perks available only on the app, which will help players save money and play safely at any moment. 

An option that enables a player to cash out a certain amount at any time of the sports event. In case there’s a fear of losing the whole amount invested, all players have an option to simply cash-out winnings in the middle of the game. 

Stats radar gives the players all the statistics and scores of matches previously played in the same category. 

Live a match alert is a perfect option for people who don’t have time to watch the entire game. Bet365 will be sure to provide alerts on your phone or tablet, which are customizable. All players can add alerts for specific moments of the game, such as goals, corners, cards, which will appear on their screen as they happen in real-time. 

This way the players don’t have to lose a single part of a certain sports event.