Top 5 Online Crypto Betting Sites

What Is Crypto Betting? 

In Crypto-betting, cryptographic currencies are used instead of regular money. While regular betting uses money, crypto betting makes use of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, etc. 

Difference crypto betting and regular betting

The basic difference between crypto betting and regular betting is the currency used. In regular betting, normal money is used while crypto-betting uses cryptocurrencies which are more volatile for betting. 

When using cryptocurrencies for bets, the value can fluctuate and can either earn the bettor more money if the value goes up, or the bettor will lose money if the value drops. 

Top 5 Online Crypto-betting Sites 

Below is a list of the top crypto betting sites that we recommend. These online sites offer different functionalities and are ranked from the best down. 

  • This is our top-rated betting site that allows crypto trading. It offers games like online betting, video betting, electronic games, and other crypto-betting-related services. 

  • if you are seeking out new betting options and bonuses on sports betting, then you should try out sports
  • You can handle different types of betting games and options on The site also offers tons of bonuses for players. 
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  • offers a lot of bitcoin gaming options, rewards from free spins, and various banking options. 

How to register on is one of the leading crypto sites in the business. If you would love to register on a site where you can play crypto games online, then is a good site you can register on. Here are the steps to follow to register on 

  1. Register: To register, go to and click on the register button in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Input details: enter your details like your phone number and country of origin. 
  3. Automatic Username: an automatic username is generated for you when you enter your details and click OK. 
  4. Verify your Identity: The user will have to verify his identity on the website at the verification center. The user must offer some kind of identity verification using either Google verification or some other kind of verification method. 
  5. Account setting: after verification, your account is ready. You can enter your account and personalize the settings in line with what you want. 
  6. Deposit Money: you can deposit crypto on the site using the various methods available. He can use that money to play the different games that he is interested in. 
  7. Play games: Now you can play games on the site. Choose a game of your choice and get to the fun. 


Betting on these different crypto sites offers different advantages. It is also advisable to have more than one of these accounts. In this way, you can get the different benefits that each site offers.