Ways to Get Clients as a Bookie


As a bookie, one of the most important aspects of your business is attracting and retaining clients.Getting referrals from your current players is another excellent method to attract more customers. What you can do is give your current players a free game in exchange for any friends or acquaintances they recommend to you. 

Therefore, if you offer someone $100 free play in exchange for introducing a new customer, they can choose to use it all at once or spread it out over a few smaller payments. In the event that the player wins the wager.

Be sure to check out become a bookie for any needs. Here are some ways to get clients as a bookie:

  1. Word of mouth: One of the most effective ways to get clients is through word of mouth referrals. Encourage your existing clients to refer their friends and family to your services, and offer incentives such as reduced fees or free bets for each successful referral.
  2. Online advertising: Advertising your bookie services online can be a great way to reach a wider audience. Consider using social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to promote your services, or create a website where potential clients can learn more about your offerings.
  3. Local advertising: In addition to online advertising, consider advertising your bookie services locally through flyers, posters, or ads in local newspapers or community magazines. This can be an effective way to reach potential clients in your area who may be interested in sports betting.
  4. Attending events: Consider attending local sporting events or other community events to promote your services. You could set up a booth or table and hand out flyers or other promotional materials, or simply network with potential clients and discuss your services.
  5. Referral partnerships: Consider partnering with other businesses or organizations to offer referral partnerships. For example, you could partner with a local sports bar or restaurant to offer discounts or promotions to their customers, in exchange for the restaurant promoting your services to their customers.
  6. Offer competitive odds and bonuses: In order to attract and retain clients, it is important to offer competitive odds and bonuses. Consider offering sign-up bonuses or other promotions to new clients, and regularly review your odds to ensure that they are competitive with other bookies in the industry.
  7. Provide excellent customer service: Finally, providing excellent customer service is key to attracting and retaining clients. Be responsive to client inquiries and concerns, and work to build strong relationships with your clients based on trust and transparency.


In summary, there are many ways to get clients as a bookie, from word of mouth referrals to online advertising, local advertising, attending events, and referral partnerships, offering competitive odds and bonuses, and providing excellent customer service. By implementing a strategic marketing plan and providing high-quality services, you can attract and retain a loyal client base and build a successful bookie business.