All about w88kub online poker

The online poker of w88 is truly unique, wherein the players can play anytime, anywhere. This is simply accessible via  You as an elite player of this website can meet the application which is very special and amazingly can be played only with one hand! Astonishingly, it is even available on Android and iOS too.

The online poker of W888 is genuinely fabulous since a player can have several options in a single click. There is a live poker whereby players can opt to have an exclusive online poker room. In addition, there is a huge payout bonus that is prepared for the prestigious players and there are variable tempting promotions also.

W88ok online poker even has an irresistible fortune spin. Nevertheless, there are a few conditions for a player to explore online fortune spin. It is honestly a wonderful game from Hold’em Sit & Go. The fortune wheel initiates spinning as soon as three players register in the game.

In addition, with each spin of fortune wheel, a player will get a chance to win one to three prizes that are included in the wheel.  Nevertheless, the fortune wheel percentage or prize of w88kub with possibility rate are as follows: Fortune Cookie: 50%, x4 the Buy-in: 42% and x8 the Buy-in: 8%.

When the wheel halts at Fortune Cookie, the entire players will receive Fortune Cookie and the game will not initiate. Furthermore, players will get a Cookie Card in every Fortune Cookie and when a player collects ten cards he or she will receive the bonus money from w88th.

W88club will have a blind structure or a default bet chip too. There is 1, 5 and 15 baht buy-ins with initial bet chips of 100, 500 and 1500 respectively, whereby at different levels there will be varied number of blinds and hands and higher levels will obviously have higher number of blinds and hands.

Herein, the first level of w88 blind structure will have 2/4, 5/10 and 15/30 blinds and 3, 3 and 6 hands in the initial bet chip of 100, 500 and 1500 respectively and the last level i.e. the seventh level will have 100/200, 500/1000 and 1500/3000 blinds and infinite hands for three different initial bet chip of 100, 500 and 1500 respectively.

The cookie cards of W88bkk are hidden in the Fortune Cookie. Each card will randomly possess ten different country cards. When a player collects ten cards, he or she will gain a Cookie Bonus instantly. So, Buy-in of 1, 5 and 15 baht will have cookie bonuses of 10, 50 and 150 respectively. It is important to be noted by the players that cookie cards for each buy-in will be accumulated separately and once a card is activated it cannot be used again.

So, those who love to discover a different experience of poker online should apply and get enriched membership of w888 poker immediately because it is clubbed with privileges, bonuses, promotions and many more offers that makes the player enjoy unlimitedly especially if he or she clubs it with several other enchanting games.