Play UK49 and Other Foreign Lotteries on Your Smartphone with HomePlay!

Playing lotteries is a fun and exhilarating hobby for millions of people worldwide. This thrilling pastime can also happen to be a very profitable affair as it gives one a real opportunity to win a substantial amount of money without trying too hard. However, some countries, South Africa included, do not feel so willing to let their citizens gamble and make it unnecessarily complicated to access foreign lotteries.

So, South African players need to find a way around these restrictions if they want to put their luck to the test by playing lotto games from around the globe. One such way is to use trusted online lottery betting services like HomePlay, where they can bet on the outcomes of their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. Called Lucky Numbers betting, the system used by HomePlay and other similar betting websites allows gamblers to play international lotteries and win large rewards without purchasing and filling out a physical ticket. It is not only a safe and legal way to engage in your beloved hobby but a very convenient one, too, as there is no need to do much past clicking a few buttons while sitting in a comfy chair in your living room.

How to play UK 49s Lunch on HomePlay?

UK 49s Lunch is one of the most successful lotteries accessible to HomePlay users from South Africa today. Its easy-to-pick rules, straightforward betting structure, favorable chances of winning, and substantial cash rewards make this British game the number one choice for many. 

The uk49 game runs throughout the week and has two daily drawings at 14:49 SAST and 19:49 SAST. The earlier session is called the UK 49s Lunchtime draw, and the latter is UK 49s Teatime. Both games utilize a pool of 49 balls, of which six are picked randomly to form a winning series. When placing a bet, HomePlay users can select up to four main balls within the 1-49 range. Furthermore, to stand a chance of winning more, players can also include the Bonus Ball in their wager or try to predict whether the Bonus Ball will be high or low.

HomePlay is a modern, user-friendly gaming portal where South African gamblers can access hundreds of exciting gambling games from across the globe, including the best video slots, top-notch casino games, and high-paying SA and foreign lotteries. HomePlay makes it easy to monitor lottery draw results in real time and obtain all relevant statistics related to their chosen game with just a few clicks.