Earn Real Cash with these Tips in KhelPlay Rummy

Earning money is the main motive or activity of all adults in the world, right? There are many ways to earn money, like doing a 9-to-5 job, doing business, freelancing, stock market, etc. Now add one more activity to this list: playing online rummy! Yes, lakhs of Indians play on rummy platforms and earn money regularly. One prominent rummy platform among all, is KhelPlay Rummy. Established in 2012, KhelPlay Rummy has earned the trust of over 50 lakhs Indians.

So now you might be wondering: if over 50 lakhs Indians can play rummy and earn real cash regularly, why not me? Well, you can too! And if you are clueless about how to do it, just read these 6 tips. They will greatly help you to earn real cash in KhelPlay Rummy:

  • Learn the game completely

When money is involved in something, you should know about it: everything. Thoroughly study the game, even if you know it already and learn all the rules of rummy. Also learn some strategies, tips & tricks, etc. begin with practice games and implement what you learned.

  • Play more in the version you like

You can play multiple versions of online rummy. There are 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards rummy. Then among these, you can play in Points, Pool, and Deals rummy. Even in this, you can play in the 2-player version or 6-player. Try them all in the practice games and then play more in the one you are comfortable in. Be confident in whatever you play, that’s the idea.

  • Know when to Quit

Nobody wins in every game. But you can avoid losses, and save money in the process, by learning when to quit. All rummy platforms give you the option to drop out twice: in the beginning and while playing. You can minimise your losses by doing a drop, when you know you’ve got bad cards and they won’t lead you to a win even after a few moves.

  • Make your strategies

While playing rummy: keep learning and adapting to the game, and to your opponent’s game plan. Besides using the common strategies, make your customised strategies to win the game. An intelligent and smart strategy will help you avoid mistakes in rummy. 

  • Never skip any Offers

Rummy platforms regularly (even every day) give various attractive offers of bonuses, instant cash, rakeback, etc. to their players. Use them to your benefit and take maximum advantage of them to play and earn real cash. Do keep an eye out for special promotions and Huge offers on occasions like festivals.

  • Take part in Tournaments

One good thing about Tournaments: you can play many matches at relatively lesser fees and also win huge cash prizes. Some rummy platforms like KhelPlay Rummy also offer Freerolls, in which you join for free and win big.

Now that you know how to earn real money in KhelPlay Rummy, it is time to actually give it a try, by starting the process. It is easy, the first step is to download the KhelPlay Rummy app and make an account. Here is one Big reason why only KhelPlay Rummy: they offer the Industry-best, and highest ever First deposit bonus. You get a whopping 200% Bonus up to Rs. 1 lakh* on your 1st deposit! That’s more than enough for you to play a lot of rummy and win lots of real cash. Only in KhelPlay Rummy.