Exactly what does Parkinson’s Disease and “Texas Holdem” Share?

Like a fellow Parkinson’s patient myself, I’ve been identified as having the Youthful Onset disease let’s focus on four years and counting. I have observed the classic indications of the condition that entail tremors, difficulty walking, and shuffling from the ft and much more. Only one symptom I’ve been acutely conscious of is definitely an overwhelming urge to experience “Texas Holdem” poker. Poker? Why?

Although some might think I’m joking, I’m able to most definitely tell you just how this “urge” is certainly not to laugh about. Sure, it may sound absurd, however when you check out the disease of Parkinson’s there’s a compound reason behind urges or cravings that patients experience.

A Closer Inspection at Parkinson’s Disease

There are many factors that could make the disease however the one component that causes the emotional and physical signs and symptoms is too little caffeine known as “dopamine” inside the brain. This chemical regulates an over-all condition of well-finding yourself in humans. If an individual does not produce enough dopamine, then depression may end up plus a host of other health problems.

Scientists have found that whenever people gamble, dopamine production increases dramatically. The greater dopamine that’s created, the more and better invigorated the individual feels! Dopamine could be triggered by gambling or exercising. Many people notice a dopamine surge when consuming too.

An Amiable Bet on Poker versus A Gambling Problem

Should you or perhaps a friend has Parkinson’s Disease, you should be aware from the problems that migh result from addictive behavior toward gambling, consuming or other habit come to extreme. It does not mean you need to quit playing poker, it just means to understand these kind of situations whenever they arise.

Because the song states, “Know when you should hold’em, and Know when you should fold’em!”