Thinking Creatively When Facing Problems

Negative Patterns of Behavior

Ever wondered why a number of people appear to gravitate toward certain addictive and/or negative behaviors whether they have problems? More clearly, so why do a lot of people use drugs, excessive drinking, promiscuity, gambling, porn, or crime once they face difficult issues within their lives? This repeated regression to particular negative tendencies is really common it makes me question if there’s a “procedures manual” in each and every community that lists many of these unhealthy and negative behaviors as “things you can do” when dealing with existence becomes difficult.

Using Creativeness to become Negative

Around the one hands, why aren’t people more creative from the “negative” perspective when facing adversity? For example, when existence will get difficult, rather of consuming and mistreating drugs how about we people turn to “different” activities for example walking backwards while crossing the road, having a shower in cold water, yelling in a tree, or driving around within their vehicle on hot days using the heater on? When individuals face difficult occasions, rather of relying on gambling or promiscuity we will learn about thousands of individuals who colored their face, began with no footwear or socks, put the golf ball through their neighbor’s window, or who shaved their heads while at church? Many of these examples may appear weird, but they are they anymore bizarre than most of the problems people discover themselves involved with once they turn to crime, promiscuity, or alcohol or substance abuse when their lives become problematic?

Using Creativeness to become Positive

However, what about “thinking creatively” inside a more “positive” manner when facing adversity? For example, when facing difficult occasions we will learn about lots of people who suddenly bought their spouse flowers, who made the decision to workout, who read their kids a bed time story, or who helped a buddy in need of assistance? When perplexed by difficult conditions in existence we will learn about multitudes of people that visited a relative or friend within the hospital, who practiced a guitar, who introduced a dog the place to find their kids, or who spontaneously made the decision to consider their spouse for their favorite restaurant for supper?

The quest for Happiness

The thing is so crucial that it should be requested again: so why do a lot of people use drugs, excessive drinking, promiscuity, gambling, porn, or crime once they face difficulties within their lives? Maybe most of however , many people simply don’t know how to locate lasting happiness within their lives. Mentioned differently, based on Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, there’s a “growing inclination of individuals to locate temporary happiness in alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex and consumerism.”

Happiness Classes

If many people don’t understand what results in lengthy-term happiness, what you can do to alter this? In short, I believe that individuals should try to learn about happiness in class. Allow me to explain. I believe that a part of our formal educational process needs to pay attention to developing hobbies, interests, and career possibilities about which students may become passionate. What might help guide this method are “happiness classes” which use “happiness textbooks” which contain a classification system or taxonomy of interests, hobbies, and careers which have introduced pleasure and fulfillment to other people. Such textbooks provides many types of different “avenues to happiness” felt by others–examples that may serve as “let’s say” scenarios which help trigger the imaginations of scholars with intriguing and significant options within their lives.