What is Singapore Pools?

Gambling and sports betting has strict regulations. Bettors cannot place bets through any operators outside the country. Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club do not qualify, and Singapore Pools has already taken over Turf Club’s horse betting operations.

Singapore Pools, a legal subsidiary company of the state’s lottery, offers lottery and sports betting options such as Singapore Pools live match. It is a legal lottery subsidiary company that provides sports betting options for specific sports events. 

Its goal is to reduce online gambling in the country. In 2014, the Remote Gambling Act prohibited online gambling. However, Singapore Pools was exempted in 2016 and allowed people to place bets on sports online without going through betting sites or casinos.

The following are some of the sports betting options available at Singapore Pools:

  • Football betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Motor Racing

Sports bettors can safely place their wagers without worries as long as they can distinguish Singapore Pools soccer betting odds from the false ones. Numerous spoof websites have been created to con people out of their money, such as sgpools.online or sgpools.app. Bettors should verify the site’s authenticity through singaporepools.com.sg.

However, many bettors prefer foreign sportsbooks and online casinos for the following reasons:

  • Casino Games
  • There are not many betting options for Singapore Pools
  • Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions
  • Other betting markets available at sportsbooks
  • Lower minimum age requirement

Other online casinos typically offer more betting options than Singapore Pools. However, bettors can still gamble in different online casinos if they wish, provided they keep it private and don’t announce they are betting. It is wise to avoid seasoned gamblers known for placing large amounts and having outstanding debts to avoid the attention of the authorities that may be interested in them.

For more information about Singapore Pools, here is an infographic provided by CM2Bet.